Friend of Everest: Anna Redwood, Practice Manager at CKL

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

When individuals or teams can't move forward due to conflict, using an experienced and qualified mediator can help both parties reach a workable agreement.

Mediation is a semi-formal process where parties in conflict work with an independent and neutral mediator to ready agreement. It is a cost-effective way to resolve conflict.

Friend of Everest: Anna Redwood, Practice Manager at CKL

Why use a mediator?

  • It works. Creative solutions empower individuals, teams and organisations.

  • Mediation is a quick and cost-effective way to resolve conflict without involving lawyers.

  • Dealing with issues quickly and efficiently reduces workplace disruption.

  • All parties have the opportunity to express how they feel in a safe and managed environment.

  • Acknowledging emotions promotes movement towards agreement.

  • Mediators don't make decisions, they guide the individuals, helping them end the problem, not the relationship.

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